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Converting HTM files to PNG files?

Hi All,

I am having a bit of a problem - a big problem. My laptop crashed and my IT friend was not able to restore all of my CS4 Firework PNG files. I finally downloaded my CS4 Adobe software again. I contacted GoDaddy a couple of weeks ago and the agent was able to help me download and use Filezilla to locate my files on their server so I can files again. Great! The only issue is that when I opened the HTM files in Fireworks and Photoshop, they are all sliced and contorted from being in Dreamweaver. Photoshop wouldn't even open them. I need to edit a couple of pages and now I cannot. They open fine in DW as they appear online but not Fireworks; therefore, I cannot edit anything.


I need help ASAP if anyone has suggestions that work. I contacted GoDaddy again today but they couldn't help. It was recommended to try a converter? Well, I Googled it and tried twice but that didn't work. Will I have tor resolve to redesigning my whole website again?


Thanks for the help!



Helper III

I don't really have an an answer for you, it sounds like your situation is rather complex.  I may not be understanding your issue entirely, however there is no good way to convert an html file to a png - they are totally different types of files.  An HTML document is basically an entire page - it contains text and tags for images, scripts and styles.  A PNG file is an image.  If you want to use fireworks, you would have to open an actual image file (e.g. .png, .jpg, .gif), not an HTML document.

My situation is complex and I think I am stuck with redesigning my website. Smiley Frustrated


Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you, Jvanderb!

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Dream weaver is part of the Adobe creative cloud suit for which you need a plan. If you created the website in dream weaver then you have no other option rather than using it to modify your site files unfortunately. If you were paying for your adobe creative plan before your crash, you will be able to re download creative cloud. The app is cloud based. 

Dreamweaver files are particular to dreamweaver. You could find someone with dreamweaver willing to help you but you will prob have to recompense them as dreamweaver isn't cheap. Buy them some beer 🙂