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Couldn't install wordpress plugin



I tried to install wordpress as a new application like godaddy guide. However, I still couldn't manage to add any things, from theme to plugin. It was like waiting for whole decade and it comes up with a message "Update Failed!" with an internal error. I have looked into the permission in File Manager but all of them are set to allow my account do everything. It's been 2 days and I'm feeling like giving up on researching anything related about this. 


p/s: I have searched about this problem on google, followed every single hint, tip or anything you can call helpful, but at the end, it was hopeless. 



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Curious, there was a previous post Can't Upload WordPress Themes not too long ago. I wonder if your thing is the same as that? I'm following the solution for that post as well but @rhickok1109 hasn't updated us on that yet.


Can you share a bit more about your environment and the procedure(s) you are using to upload your themes and plugins (version of WordPress, database type, hosting...)

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I'm having the exact same problem today.  I've tried all day to install plugins (specifically WooCommerce plus a few others) and I keep getting the "Installation Failed!" message.  I've tried within the WordPress plugins menu as well as uploading WooCommerce in a .zip file.  Each and every time I get a 500 Internal Server Error message.  I'm not using Managed Wordpress Hosting, I've got a Pro account and I'm trying to get a client website started.  


If I can't get this worked out asap, I'm going to have to go with another provider.  It shouldn't be this difficult.

Same problem here. Just spent 30 mins via chat with customer support, no luck, they were able to install the plugin..I cannot. I guess I will contact customer support everytime I need a theme or plugin installed