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Cpanel Wordpress button takes to error page after installation

Hi All,

I've tried to install WP to my Linux Hosting plan (Starter Linux Hosting with cPanel) on Applications subpage, and I even got an email that I should access it on, but the link doesn't work, and the Wordpress icon on Cpanel takes me to an error page saying: 

"Not Found

The requested URL /wp-content/deleteme.66d5f6709dd04877966290c52f7ee838.php was not found on this server.

Apache Server at Port 80"When I try tto install WP application again, it says I cannot do that as I already have 1 database installed (this is my limit in the hosting plan). 

Can anyone help me, how to solve it and start to work on my wordpress site?

Thanks a lot,


Re: Cpanel Wordpress button takes to error page after installation

Am having similar issue. Not even able to install word press. wordpress url link is void


Re: Cpanel Wordpress button takes to error page after installation


I am having the same issue as already described. I contacted instalatron with a error code and they said:

There are two errors here and I'll take them separately:

[23-Jan-2017 10:45:01 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Trait 'WPEM\Singleton' not found in /home/*****/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-easy-mode/wp-easy-mode.php on line 36

This error is coming from the "wp-easy-mode" plugin. This plugin is not part of the our installer for WordPress so is it something that you have added? If not then it's something your webhosting provider has added to the installer and you will need to contact them about that error.

But essentially the error means that something the plugin requires is not installed on the server. I don't know what it is -- I couldn't find anything about it using google.


another error also found:


[23-Jan-2017 05:37:58 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_transient() in /home/****/public_html/deleteme.wpk7wt.php on line 16

This error is likely to be related to the one above, and if you fix the one above you might see this one go away too.

The other possibility, though I don't see how, is that where the WordPress files are being created is not where Installatron is looking for them. That would cause this error. But I can't see any possibility of it happening with a fresh install -- it would only happen if you had installed WordPress (using Installatron) some time in the past and then had moved the files without telling Installatron.

So I think you need to focus on the first error. Make sure that is gone, and is no longer being produced in your error log, and then if you are still having install problems we can come back to this one.


I ended up in reseting my Cpanel account assumed it would solve the problem and started new Installed WP with installatron and got the same issue again. Maybe this can be at help.