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Creating a development site for website in subdirectory with a new database

I have a new WordPress template that I want to switch to for my website but I don't want any downtime for the current site. I don't know if this is the best way (lack of experience and knowledge) but I created a subdirectory and a new database with WordPress installed for my development site. I am trying to upload the new WordPress theme .zip file but it takes me to 404 Not Found Error. Is this because I only have the Deluxe Hosting plan? Do I need to upgrade to the Launch Business Hosting Plan? Please help!

Resolver I



It has nothing to do with your plan. How did you transferred the data from the production database to the testing database? Did you just duplicate the production?


Let me know and I will be able to help you sort this out.

Advocate VII

Hi @thefitlabsd,


I've been this question a lot lately!  Here is my perspective for what its worth.  Installing WP into a subfolder is a bit of a specialized installation.  Yes, its done all the time.  However, WP requires that you essentially redefine resources and folder locations using changes to .htaccess files and a process called domain mapping.  It is more complicated than installing into the root directory on several levels.  If you want to fully understand how this operates visit .  I use this site daily and the information is excellent.  So, please spend some time doing you homework on installing into folders!!


With that said, I take an approach to migration of simple root-to-root migrations.  I have a couple of managed wp plans.  Depending on the size of the build, I'll create an installation into the managed wp setup to a temporary domain.  After the work is ready for production I migrate it to the server of choice and it really doesn't make any difference platform wise if the migration is root-to-root!


Let me also say, yes I know this costs some dollars to have more than one hosting plan.  That's why its designated "development".  


Now here is the cool part.  If you stay on the managed wp plan, the movement of your domain settings is automagic if the domain name is registered with GoDaddy.  What this means for you is that when you are finished with the build, you can change your domain IP/A-record right within the managed wp dialogues.  You don't have to go to your DNS settings unless there is a goof somewhere.  


If you do choose to migrate to your cPanel, you can then do a root-to-root migration.  GoDaddy's migration service works well.  I also use a plugin called UpDraftPlus.  Its worked flawlessly for me.  


I'm not sure that this is the information that you were looking for, but I hope it helps.


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