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Edit previous_post_link and get_post_link parameter value

Mine is a managed wordpress website. I want to update parameter value


$in_same_term = false to true

in both previous_post_link and get_post_link functions. But these functions are located in wp-includes/link-template.php which is read-only.


How can I achieve this?


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Hey there,


You cannot update this file due to the way Managed WordPress handles it's file permission. The wp-admin & wp-includes folders are locked down as a safety measure on that platform and cannot be changed.


If you need to make this kind of code update, you'll need to be on a standard Linux or Windows hosting platform.

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Will Godaddy tech support be able to do with my request. I really need to change this or completely take out the links to next/prev posts. What are my options here?

Hi @trailofbliss. The files in question are not editable as a security feature. As such, our support teams won't change them for you. Sorry Man Sad


If you need the ability to be able to make these changes, then you'd need to move your WordPress instance to another hosting plan, as @MrVapor mentioned. If you move to a cPanel account, you can sometimes use the migration feature that's provided within Installatron. For more information on that, please see the Installatron documentation here


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