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Editing Font Size



I'm a newby to wordpress and was just wondering if anyone could help me with a few things. I am using the theme UPTOWN STYLE. I would like to know how to change the site title font size, as I want to make it a lot bigger. I also have 5 pages/menus on the front of my home page, I would like to know how to change the font size of these. Also does anyone know how I can change the size of my header image? 


Would be really appreciated if anyone can help. Many Thanks 🙂 

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Re: Editing Font Size

=> Font sizes are controlled in the style.css file. 


=> You can find out where in that file by viewing your site and putting your mouse over the area you want to change and then right click > Inspect / Inspect Element. 


=> You'll find your CSS file in Appearance > Themes > Edit.  Choose your theme in the top right drop down.  Then click on style.css in the right sidebar.


=> You NEVER want to make changes within that editor box in the WordPress dashboard.  Once those changes are made there is no undo.  So copy-n-paste the entire file into an HTML editor or Notepad and "save as" a copy and name it differently: styleORIG.css for example.  Then make your changes and copy-n-paste the entire CSS back into the editor.  


View your site and see if you like the results.  If not make more changes or reinstate the original CSS.


HTH! Smiley Wink





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Changing font size on a theme

I need to edit the font size on my menu in the Lyrical theme.  I am new to wordpress and have no idea how to read the CSS code.  Can someone break it down for me?  Basically what I have going on is my titles on my submenus are too long and it looks messy.  We are trying to get a grant and need a good website to show them so I want it as clean as possible.

Re: Editing Font Size and line height

Hi there,


I can't seem to find the .css code in the Uptown theme. I went under Theme -> Customize and there's only header images and font colors, no font size or line height. Help! I don't want to insert the HTML code in each page block.