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Elementor not installed after update then won't reload

G'day All,

 Hoping some one may be able to help out..


I'm running Ocean Extra theme and I have had a perfectly functioning website until I logged in this morning and hit update all on the list of plug in updates.


I've had Elementor as the main editing tool but now it is reporting that Elementor is not loaded as a plug in, and that Ocean theme relies heavily on this and it should be loaded up.


Click on the link to load it and I get this message. elementor error.JPG


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!   I've got no clue how to edit the site without this plug in, as I built everything using it....


Do I restore a back up?  Is that a possible work around?  And if so, how do I do that?

Is there a way to contact elementor?


As I said, any and all suggestions welcome,

Thanks Bruce.