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Error uploading pictures

suddenly became unable to upload pictures or to edit pictures to wordpress site.  This is the message I receive ..... The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/2016/10.


I have tried dropping the file directly into uploads/2016/10 but get the same results.


Wordpress seems to be tedious to work with on godaddy these days.


If anyone has experienced this and fixed it, please help 🙂



HI chaz1819, 

   From my experience with working on wordpress the image upload error is most likely due to your php max_upload limit found within the php.ini or user.ini file. I found a 3rd party article that seems to address most common cause of image upload problems for wordpress. If you have a Managed Wordpress with GoDaddy, please be sure to address this with inbound hosting support team.


Fixing errors when uploading images in WordPress


Hope this helps!