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Fatal Error In Plugin - Do Not Know How To Fix

Hello, recently had some issues with GoDaddy hosting our WordPress site. The site was unavailable for a few days and had to be set back up.Once it was set back up, we received notice of a fatal error from the Slider Revolution plugin. It was then deactivated and when we try to activate it again, we receive a fatal error. 


I've looked up how to fix this and keep seeing this solution:

Go to plugins\revslider\includes\framework\base-admin.class.php, line 21, and change private static $arrMetaBoxes = ''; to private static $arrMetaBoxes = array();


However I am totally clueless on how to get to the "plugins\revslider\includes\framework\base-admin.class.php" location. I did not develop the website and have no idea how to use WordPress, however this plugin is necessary to the overall appearance of our website.


I am at a loss - if I could find and access the "plugins\revslider\includes\framework\base-admin.class.php" I'm sure I could implement the fix but I have no idea how to get there. I've put it into the address bar but it only leads me to my website and a 404 error... Help?




Re: Fatal Error In Plugin - Do Not Know How To Fix

As you already found the solution but If you are unable to troubleshoot the error and it's beyond your tech skill hire an expert. You can also ping me Smiley Happy

Re: Fatal Error In Plugin - Do Not Know How To Fix

Thanks! I was just hoping someone could lead me on how to get to the plugins\revslider\includes\framework\base-admin.class.php location, I have no idea where things are located in wordpress and that's all I'd need! Do I need to hire an expert for that?


Re: Fatal Error In Plugin - Do Not Know How To Fix

If You Are using cPanal Hosting From GoDaddy Login To cPanal Go To File Manager Then Public Html. Here all wordpress files are located. Open wp-content-> plugins->revslider/includes/framework/base-admin.class.php


You also login to dashboard and hover over plugin and select plugin editor. Then from the right top corner select the rev slider plugin. Now all plugin file you will see as in the image number 3. godaddysupport.PNG

Re: Fatal Error In Plugin - Do Not Know How To Fix

Thanks so much! I was able to find it using my dashboard. Very new to wordpress and did not know how to navigate it at all. Appreciate your help!