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Fatal Error Message on WP Hosting

Since yesterday, I have been unable to sign into my GoDaddy Hosted WP blog. When I try to launch from the  My Hosting page, I get this message:


Fatal error: Call to undefined function WC() in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas01_data03/09/2227609/html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-gateway-stripe/woocommerce-gateway-stripe.php on line 227


I have chatted with support. Was told my version of WP hosting doesn't support woocommerce. Support suggested I go into the database & delete woocommerce since I can't do it from my blog. Tried that & I still receive the same message. Never saw anything on the database about stripe so I don't know where to find it. Very frustrated right now.


How do I proceed?

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Re: Fatal Error Message on WP Hosting

Hi @jeanannduck,


What wp hosting platform are you on?  If you are on the entry level package you might be short of resources depending on how many plugins you are using with WooCommerce.  


With that said, I've deployed many, many sites with WP/WooCommerce on GoDaddy manged wp servers. At a minimum I do indeed use the Ultimate Plan.  Even with this plan you can't go overboard in features.  If you need a ton of plugins (affiliate program, memberships, subscriptions, pdf-creator....) then you'll need a developer account and run this single application on it.  You will also need to be sure to change your user.ini file to accomodate the needed resources.   If you are VERY CAREFUL, you can also do some limited allocations with the wp-config.php file.


Now to solve your current problem.  If you are on managed wp, restore the last working version of your site.  Even if its the entry level program we should be able to get you back to where you were.  This error is caused by the activation of the plugin Stripe for WooCommerce.  When you restore the backup, do not activate this plugin.  Next step, let's do a quick resource test.  Add a different woocommerce free extension and see if it crashes.   We could do log analysis, etc to get more specific info, but for now a quick practical test will help.


Also, after you conduct your restore, make sure your theme and all other plugins are up to date.  Payment plugins are usually pretty stable.  However WooCommerce just released an update so there will be a lot of folks updating plugins!


Hope this helps,






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