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Helper I

Files outside of wp-content

Has anyone had any problems with non-wp files living outside of the wp-content folder on managed wordpress hosting? I have several sites I'm taking on that were built by other people and there are a good number of files outside of wp-content that I can't just move because the links will break. If I move to managed wordpress hosting, can I leave the files as is? I just don't want the GD system to delete them or something weird.

Helper VI

Better safe than sorry and move those files... there's a few IDE that will fix the codes for you as you move those files. PHPStorm has a free trial that would do that for you.

It's always good to be consistent and be organized for keeping source codes maintainable
~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

I have got some issues regarding hosting my domain ( It is saying wp-content not found when visit ( and shows my domain( as blank.