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Finding Ghost Code... Vampires Bats and Bratwurst

I'm looking for wherever in the default WordPress theme there is a line talking about customers and Vampires/Bratwurst. I need to get rid of it for sharing our website on our facebook page. I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find it. Thanks!


Hey @DesertJazz,


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Not sure which theme it is that's displaying that type message, but if I'm ever looking for rogue code I can't locate via the source page in browsers directly then I'll try through a third party plugin. I hear Firebug for Firefox browsers (and I believe may also be out for Chrome) is pretty popular with designers cause it allows you to view the page and code at the same time and highlights the sections of code controlling the area you're looking to modify or remove. 


Hope that helps out.

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Help!  I need this too!  I'm using the Primer theme, and when I try to post my website to FB run into the same thing about brats and bats.  I will keep checking back (and alas the reply is beyond my immediate ken... will try to deciper...).