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Fishy redirection when clicked from google.

I been having this issue and can't find reason why. If you go google "the reality we live in" and click the first link ( and fishy redirect opens ... I  can't find the source for this redirect... this only happens when clicked from search.


help anyone?




If you are using .NET or asp look for the following files in the root directory


Just renaming the web.config file solved it for me.

I cant really find these files =/

Community Manager

Hi @trwli@Bob454. Sorry to hear you're having this difficulty. Most of the time when I've seen this, it is a redirect embedded in one of your files. If Linux, then often this is in an .htaccess file. I'd recommend having your site cleaned, as it's a good sign that the site has been compromised in some way. There is a lot of information about this online if you'd like to do this yourself. Otherwise, you may want to look into a professional service. We do offer such a service as well, For more information, please see this page


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Yes! Just started happening a couple of weeks ago, didn't used to. When googling my site - 'full swing golf stl', it redirects to some online pharmacy site instead if ''. Should I change some settings on GoDaddy or WordPress?