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Front page loads - White Screen when click Register or LogIn

I have a new word press site. The front page loads.The links to comments, search, and posts also work but when I click on Register, Log In , Log Out, Site Admin I get the white screen. However, if I right click and choose open window in new tab or window the log in screen appears and works.


The site and the pointed names are all hosted on godaddy -   It is a subdirectory on a Linux classic hosting with php5. I reinstalled WP. Returned to the Twenty Sixteen theme. Turned off all plugins. Changed code to show errors and none appeared. 


i am baffled. Any suggestions welcomed.



Hi @cklckl,

Welcome to our forums. Just to clarify, after you reinstalled and changed the theme back to a default the issue resolved? Most of the time a white screen indicates a bad theme or plugin, but the fact that it's resolved when you open the same page in a different tab is odd. I suggest reaching out to our support team and providing your domain name so they can attempt to duplicate. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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