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Frustrated on header photos: Escapade theme

I have photos I want to put in the header, but even though I crop and upload them with the identified size of 2400x1300, the photos are zoomed in. So the photo of the field with the horse becomes the photo of the grass, no horse. I must be doing something wrong. 

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Hi @jennshenk,

2400x1300? That's a big image! Can you use percentages instead of 'px's'?

You can see the size requirement of 2400 x 1300. Here's my problem in action. Look at that nice horse photo over on the left. When I size it to their specs (or even when I get creative and try it a million other ways) it doesn't fill the spot the picture is going in to. You can see the tiny tip top of the horse's head, but that's it. I've tried uploading them at the alleged required size, and every other way--proportionate to the shape of the header, yet all of my pictures only tell half (or less) of the story. 

Yes I'm having the same problem. On the front page it's not too bad, but when you get to the other pages on the site, the header image is cut in half more or less so only the top part shows. It should be the same size through all the pages of the site!

Hi, I'm having the same problem any one know the problem? Also I'm trying to take out the hero text which makes the image small in height. Any help?


2400x1300 px is what the theme states as recemmended.  The original post is 2/22/2017 -almost 5 months ago and still no fix?

I may have to use other than GoDaddy for website as something this simple not working properly.

It doesn't matter which size you use, it does the same thing. It's the CSS that is causing the issue and if we are paying for a service, it should be corrected in a timely matter.

@rammsteinium wrote:

Hi @jennshenk,

2400x1300? That's a big image! Can you use percentages instead of 'px's'?



Same issue. Anyone? Help?

I was having the same problem, but I discovered the size of the hero image is dependent on the size of the hero text widget. So if you don't use that widget, the hero image shrinks to the size without it.


I haven't figured out how to fix it. (My workaround right now is simply putting periods on each line in the hero image as a "space-filler.) I don't know much about the css, and I can't find any documentation about how to make that image an absolute size. Maybe someone who does understand that part can offer a solution with this understanding of the problem.

OMG that is annoying.  Ok, I can't get answers on this either, but do this.  Put in carriage return and line feeds, which will not come up with any characters, and you can get invisible spacing to make the picture come up, in that hero.   You need to put the 2 letters "cr"  (without quotes) in between 2 greater than / less than signs  "<" and ">" to make a < cr > tag (no spaces in yours).  Then following that do the same with letters "lf" betweeen another 2 greater than / less than signs, which produces a < lf > tag (no spaces in yours).   That make the spacing you need, until someone comes with a real fix. You should end up with many lines of  < cr >< lf > (no spacing in your code). You add a few pairs of these, line by line, to maximize that hero until the full crop that you want shows up.I don't know web programming either, but this works.

Thank you for this! That worked for me!

Has anyone found a solution to the hero height on the escapade theme? I cannot figure out how to make the image the same size througout the site. I also for the life of me cannot figure out how to remove the titles from the hero image. I do not want it to show any page titles but this has been a complete nightmare trying to figure out. I am pretty good at following directions and code but I cannot find any info on this theme.



I also ran into this problem, but I solved it using their css file.

For all willing to edit the css, here is what I changed and where in order to solve this problem.


the style.css is located here - /wp-content/themes/escapade/style.css

I don't know the exact line number because I changed other things as well, but it's near the end. I recommend using word search for .blog


.blog .site-header,
.page .site-header,
.archive .site-header,
.single .site-header {
  padding: 120px 0 60px;
  position: relative; 


add the bold line "min-height" and change the pixels to be what you need. That should make a consistent minimum for any blog, page, archive, or single post page on any device. The image still scales depending on width so you may need more adjustments on super wide screens.