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Future home of something quite cool except home page

I am trying to publish a site ( I have done all of the edits I want except for trying to remove the /wordpress from the url. I thought that I had installed it properly in the root directory but I am not so sure anymore. When you go to just the url the maintenance page shows up, if you add the /wordpress ( the home page shows up, but then if you click on any links it goes back to the maintenance page. I have tried adjusting the index.php and htpaccess files to get it to work properly but now I can't seem to find a solution without uninstalling wordpress and essentially restarting.


Re: Future home of something quite cool except home page

Hi @irrigatebeans !

I looked at your site and I also know how to solve your problem =)

You have uploaded everything into the map "/wordpress" in your FTP which make it to a subdirectory and you could move everything from the map direct into the ftps root. 

Check out this help article from wordpress and also the link "Giving WordPress Its Own Directory".

Good luck!

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