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Gateway timeout - Admin Login Page

I have domain and Managed WP hosting from GoDaddy for my blog



Since 29th Sept, I have only had intermittent access to my site and WP admin. Sometimes I can load the site and WP admin but only for a few minutes or even seconds. Most of the times it just keeps buffering for a long time and a few times shows Error 504 Gateway Timeout.


I have spoken to 5 different people on GoDaddy tech support but none of them have been able to help me. So far I have received 2 different causes to the problem which don't make sense to me.


Possible Cause 1

The plugins and theme were disabled for my WP blog and I was put on hold for a long time. Finally, they told me that they have completed the troubleshooting and they did something called sandboxing the site with test content and it is working fine at their end. They said the issue is with my content but they couldn't tell me what was the exact issue.



What I don't understand is even if there is a problem with content (which is unlikely because there is just 1 single post on my blog) - why can't I access the WP admin? What can be the connection between site content and WP admin?


Possible Cause 2

Another support rep asked me to run a traceroute which had many requests timed out. I was told that this seems to be a problem with the internet service provider. But I'm trying to explain to them that I have tried to access the site and the WP admin through different networks, devices, browsers, and even cities!


I have tried through my work laptop, personal laptop, various browsers, through my mobile, on home wifi, on work network, through 4G, in private mode, cleared cookies and cache - done EVERYTHING possible including asking my friends to try from their end. But its still not working. How can this be an ISP problem or am I missing something here?


I have also tried to restore local backups saved by GoDaddy to an earlier date for both the files and the database but that didn't work either.


Bottomline is that I can't access my own blog and I'm super frustrated with GoDaddy support.


Now I'm completely out of options and my only hope is that someone on this forum can help me diagnose and fix this problem. My technical knowledge about websites and networking is limited but I am good with computers so I can follow all the steps if someone here is willing to help.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Gateway timeout - Admin Login Page

Hi @gauravshangari. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 504 errors can be tricky to diagnose. It's more difficult when it's intermittent. In General, a 504 gateway error occurs when one of the servers or connections involved with loading website content times out. This can be anything from your connection to something within the hosting platform. I found this WPMUDev article that does a good job of breaking things down. It's not an answer, but at least it gives you a direction. Hope you're able to figure something out. 


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