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GoDaddy Platform to Wordpress Platform

Good day to all!


Just want to ask if you all experienced to transfer your website in GoDaddy platform to Wordpress platform? 🙂 I need some help on how to do it. Hope you could help me. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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By "WordPress platform" do you mean something line Have you looked at the managed WordPress option available from GoDaddy? I find that the GoDaddy managed products are great for staying out with WordPress. Think of the ease of a full WordPress install with the benefit of support and management fir those not so glamorous things like upgrades. 

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Hi @darlena,


I use the GoDaddy Managed WordPress platform extensively and have migrated standard php-based sites.  The key to the migration is to take your text and save it in a .txt file (I use notepad++)  Make sure you've stripped your html tags. I've made the mistake of trying to just do a simple copy/paste, with the result being unwanted html during the copy.


Save your images to a common location. Once you have your theme installed, you can FTP your image files to your WP upload folder. The images will be available through your media library.  Now you're basically ready to take advantage of your theme's capabilities.


One issue to watch for.  If you set automatic updates, ALWAYS check your site when GoDaddy sends you an email saying an "


You might want to take some time to familiarize yourself with the page-layout elements before you begin your transfer.  There is so much available its easy to get lost in the "let me try this" while trying to get the layout correct.  For example, one of the themes I use is Avada.  It has a TON of elements available. Knowing what the elements (and the terminology for  a particular theme) will save time in making the transfer.


Hope this helps,


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