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Godaddy Stock Photos

I was surprised and happy to see that there were what seemed to be thousands of free stock photos available to use on the GoDaddy managed wordpress sites when I first was setting up my website.  I was previously able to scroll and choose from hundreds of keywords and dozens of images were available for each keyword.  Now I am only able to see ones labeled generic and there are only a couple dozen images to choose from.  I'm not sure what happened or how to get that greater database of images.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about or know how to get access to this database of stock photos?

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Hi @philmo,


Are you sure these were not just for display purposes only? Free stock photos seems a far stretch. I could find no mentions but I'm sure support may be able to clarify on this.

Thanks @Retired!


I was having difficulty finding anything on this topic, but godaddy even mentions it here in their description of their wordpress hosting.  "The power of WordPress – simplified.  Our exclusive Quick Start wizard gets you online fast with pre-built websites with all the essential pages and features. We even include a free library with thousands of high-quality images."


I'll probably just give their support a call to see why I'm not able to access the full library of images anymore.

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Hi @philmo,


Yes, strange! Can you include a screenshot of this mention because I can't see it!?

Did you have any luck with this issue? I'm experiencing the same thing and am hoping you or someone in the GoDaddy community can help.

I am having the same issue...when i search for stock images, for example, it will say 34 images found, but will only display 2 images to choose from; i'm unable to scroll anywhere to see the other images to choose from...any advice?