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Google Search Console has e-mailed me to tell my my site has been hosting malware (hacked)


As of the end of March 2018, I received the above-mentioned notification.

I have since gone into my directories via SFTP and deleted all rogue directories and malicious PHP files. The offender appears to be a source from Russia, and from the looks of the files and directories, the aim of the hack seems to involve using my storage and site as a repository and possible sender for spam mail of many different kinds, and a possible malware propagator. I run Wordfence. I just want to know if anyone else has had this problem recently. I cannot believe I am paying for managed Wordpress and that this is happening.

Helper V



Wordfence is a great security plugin, surprised to see attacks in spite of it...

Have you configured Wordfence plugin settings correctly?, Wordfence also provides a report...

Please check the above URL to check your website again...


Looking forward to hear from you




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

Same exact thing!
Someone keeps placing files on our FTP which is re-directing people. Google has our site marked as "this site may be hacked"
I changed my GoDaddy password and added a 2 step verification.
Restored to a backup of of our site, updated Wordpress and all plug-ins.
We also just paid 75.00 for a SSL certificate (and that doesn’t seem to be working).
On top of all of it, we just got a bill from them for 480.00 for our hosting... and we have to deal with this!?!?!
Wordfence finds new malicious content every morning, I remove it and it the next day they are back. Our clients keep calling us, they are afraid to use our site to send us files (IF they can even get to the site). I'm at my wit's end!
This is what my site looks like right now...Untitled.jpg




Are you using Managed WordPress?, or cPanel Hosting...

Please do have a look at the above article...




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

@p3root Managed Wordpress

Thanks for your helpful posts.

I am using Managed Wordpress.

I have tried to quarantine, remove files, using WordFence, WebDefender, etc.

The malicious files keep coming back. 

I am about to take the site down and reinstall from scratch.