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Gripe and Increasing Anger

After many hours trying to build a website, I am utterly unable to build anything.  WordPress' solution is that I learn to code the software through WordPress Codex since it is an open source software!  WordPress also tells me not to use GoCentral since apparently it does not apply to WordPress.  GoDaddy does NOT provide help on Managed WordPress Websites. Is there anybody at GoDaddy that can provide help?  If not, I will want all of my money back and I am so frustrated with the whole process I am ready to lodge complaints with government authorities. Please help!.    

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Hi @EugeneJ,


Is it a masochistic tendency to answer post that begin with 'Gripe And Increasing Anger' or a sign I care?


But really, complaining to government authorities? 

You should find Wordpress quite easy so there must be some simple underlying reason you can't build a site with it. 

Godaddy DO indeed provide a lot of help with all their products, if you know how to search for it.

But if you are finding it all difficult then may I suggest you enrol in a video tutorial course with someone like

Where you can get a free trial for 30 days.

or business tutorial video and books.... again you can try for free.....


Or you could consider creating a WIKI page instead and pointing your domain to it? These are very easy to administer and there are plenty of free ones you can create, though free software often comes free with adverts too.......


But support can offer you guidance too in setting up your site............ so before you tell the President of the United States what a rotten bunch of meanies we are..... gulp..... please calm down and come back here and explain the steps you are taking under the topic 'Managed Wordpress'.....


Sit in a darkened room for 5 minutes is my advice for increasing anger....... and leave the Tequila alone..... 🥃