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HTTP ERROR 500 - my wordpress based website could not load any more

Hello, so yesterday my wordpress based website could not load any more, it started spitting out these erorrs - HTTP ERROR 500 and nothing more.


As suggested on the forum I have tried renaming plugin/theme folders and htaccess file(my website has https so could have been it ).

Nothing helped - then i have contacted support, unfortunately they could not see what's the issue from their end and suggested to..... call their support.


Is anyone else experiencing this? It's affecting my business and i need to get it solved ASAP, all the ideas are welcome ! 


P.s (other page on the same host works fine *not wordpress)

 My website


Thank you !


Hello @mindeswx!


Thank you for posting. Looks like your site is resolving without error now. If you found what was causing the issue and fixed it, could you reply here and let the community know what you did to fix it? That will help folks who have the same trouble in the future. Thanks!


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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