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Hosting a Wordpress blog

Let me preface by saying I am quite illiterate when it comes to computers and the internet. 


I had been hosting a blog on a godaddy domain for a few years, but recently decided I want to step it up and transfer to Since I didn't want to lose my old blog, I thought it would be easier to purchase regular hosting from godaddy, install the Wordpress app, and transfer all my files from that way. But for some reason, my old account is completely out and the domain I have owned for a long time has nothing on it. There's just an error screen and it says there's nothing to see. 


What do I do? Is there some way I can simply use the Wordpress app on my godaddy cpanel, or am I missing something major. Everything I've found online makes it seem so easy to transfer and blog to a one. What am I missing?? Thanks in advance. 

Helper V

I am not familiar with Wordpress much so I might not be able to help any but I will try.


I am not sure of the details of what you did. I will assume that you changed the name servers in your domain's registration to point to your GoDaddy hosting. Probably you should undo that temporarily.


I think you can transfer your Wordpress blog before you change the name servers in the registration. I don't know how to do that. In your GoDaddy hosting account, it is possible to "Preview" your site to see what it will look like except without using the domain name. Then when everything looks good, change the doman's registration to point to the new site.


Hopefully there are other answers available to the question of how to transfer a Wordpress site.