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Hosting html5 game contents

Hello, there.


I've purchased managed Wordpress subscription to share my html5 games on my blog.

Originally, I used to uploaded them on dropbox public directory and copied index.html address to iframe of my page.


But, I don't have clue how to do such a thing with my managed wordpress.

Could somebody give me a hint?


Any help would be appreciated.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Hosting html5 game contents

Hi @supervanz. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


You should still be able to use iFrames within WordPress posts. If you're having trouble, I know there are some good iFrame plugins that let you customize how they appear. If you're trying to figure out how to move away from hosting the files on Dropbox, you should be able to connect to your Managed WordPress account using SFTP. You should be able to store the files in your /wp-content directory. Others may have additional suggestions, but that's what I'd try first.


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Re: Hosting html5 game contents

Thank you for your kind reply.


Problem is after I stored my files in sftp, I don't know how to link them in iframe.

with ftp, I can copy index.html URL into iframe code and the contents will be shown.


But with sftp, the index file URL like... 


would not shown in iframe. (not actual URL)


Can you tell me little more to figure out how to do it?




Helper V
Helper V

Re: Hosting html5 game contents


After the files have been uploaded via SFTP you should be able to convert the URL to the correct format for use in an iframe.


taking your example 


would be converted to


easy way to find the URL is to replace "sftp://***username******username***/public_html/" with and that converts to the final URL



Re: Hosting html5 game contents

Thank you!!



I stored my test files in "home/my_id/html/test/index.html" by sftp.

and I changed the URL as you instructed like ""

And it works!


Thank you again.

Re: Hosting html5 game contents

As you said you are using Wordpress.. i would to suggest a plugin called MyArcadeBlog plugin.. It does the exact same job without any hassles or code... I am using the same on one of my website (Shopkins Games) and works like charm.. the plugin lets you use HTML5 as well as Flash games too.. i hope that helps!