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How can I move the site title before the header (or hero) image using Primer WordPress theme?

Hi all,


I'm using the Primer Word Press theme.The site title is over the top of the header image. 


How can I move the site title before the header (or hero) image? 




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Super User III

Re: move the site title before the header image

Hey there @adpaver!


In order to do what you want, you'd have to modify the CSS. This is coding, so if you're unsure how to do it, you'd need to hire a developer that knows how to code in CSS and understands what you want.


You could also do a bit of research to see if there is a theme out there that will better suit your needs.


Hope that helps!

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Re: move the site title before the header image

Hi @adpaver,


Just thought I'd make a quick addition to @MrVapor 's spot-on comment.  Primer is a good "primer" theme to get started with.  If you're into coding, you have a reasonably solid foundation, and its free.  If you're building a business (small business owner, DIY website builder, etc), you can start learning how to put together your site, but it won't meet all your requirements. 


If you are not into coding,  may I suggest investing a good premium theme that suits your purpose.  This one decision, code it vs buy it, can turn out to be a big one.


I'm not a great coder, so I use premium themes like Avada (from,  BeaverThemer, Astra, and OxygenBuilder2.  Each has its own GREAT feature set depending on your application.  There are others out there like Elementor, X-Theme, and others that are top-notch.  For the time I could spend coding and debugging, I can start with a solid foundation and focus upon purpose/functionality.   In your case, changing header layout is basically either a checkbox or a drag/drop GUI in all of the mentioned themes.  


On a couple of occasions I've needed a bit of custom coding with Avada.  Because of its popularity and solid code structure, the cost of the custom programming was very reasonable. 


I also evaluate how well the theme is supported, take a look at the community (as a source for common, current answers), and how often it is updated.  A well-supported, regularly updated theme/plugin configuration is a key element to my WordPress applications.  


Hope this helps, 




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