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How to Add pages to subdirectory in Wordpress-controlled site?


Suppose, I am the owner of the domain name, hosted at Godaddy.


1. I want to have a few pages with urls like this:


2. and a few other pages with urls like this:


And I want to do it using Wordpress. 


I have been able to do 1 without much problem. But am having difficulty figuring out how to do 2.


Do I need to create a subfolder called abc in my root folder and then install Wordpress all over again?

If so, will that require 2 separate databases?

If not, what should I do?


P.S. My Godaddy subcription allows at most 1 MySQL database. If possible, I would like to avoid upgrading for such a simple reason.

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Advocate VI

Re: How to Add pages to subdirectory in Wordpress-controlled site?

To get the nested URL as you describe, you want to set up pages that have a parent-child relationship. 


1. Create a top-level page with the name abc (and the permalink 

2. Create another page called hello, and under "Page Attributes" (on the right side of the page), choose the abc page as the Parent. That will result in a permalink of


So you don't need to create folders, and you don't need another database. Usually when you set it up as above, there is some logical reason to have the pages organized in a hierarchy. For example, your business might have a staff with 3 people and each person needs to have their own page for their bio and photo. would be the main page listing all of the other staff members. Then each staff member could have their own page at,, and so on. You just create the pages for Eric and Dan, and then assign the Staff page as their parent.


You can set up the parent-child relationship when you first create the page, or you can go back and add it later. So if you already have some pages, you can change their permalinks by changing that parent-child relationship.


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Rockstar I

Re: How to Add pages to subdirectory in Wordpress-controlled site?


The WP function involved centers around your permalink structure and settings.

Here is the link to a search for permalink plugins.

Hope this helps,

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Re: How to Add pages to subdirectory in Wordpress-controlled site?

Hi I am having a similar issue but from Squarespace.

My domain is but it's doesn't matter which page I'm at, it always shows "" and not "" as I'd like.

They are all properly nested on Squarespace though. Any ideas?