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How to find and delete all instances of a plugin, particularly mashshare and reinstall it!

This is my first posting. I am having trouble installing mashshare it just disappeared. it was accidentally deleted before I had godaddy managed wordpress then the folder was supposedly deleted and reinstalled and worked until latest update, then it just disappeared from the wpadmin plugin section and when I tried to reinstall thru wpadmin it says something like plugin not installed! what should I do I want mashshare up and working and have never used sftp? maybe a detailed tutorial? Thank You!

Community Manager

Hi @internettop40. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


I'm not sure why that would happen for you. We do have a list of blacklisted plugins, which will be automatically deactivated, but I don't see Mashshare listed there. You may want to try accessing your account using SFTP and then renaming the plugin folder in /wp-content/plugins. That should let you install it again. 


SFTP works just like FTP, accept you need to use port 22 and the SFTP protocol. This article should help a little. Please consider following up if you find a solution. That way others can benefit from your experience!


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