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How to migrate from a drupal website to managed WordPress site



I have a live website (Drupal) hosted on Godaddy standard web hosting and I now purchased a managed WordPress hosting. I would like to know how to migrate from that drupal site to the managed wordpress hosting.

1. Domain registered on Squarebrothers.

2. The live site is based on Drupal CMS.

3. I have completed initial setup on Managed WordPress, using temporary domain.

4. I have backed up my entire Drupal website.

5. How do I proceed?


Any help is appreciated? 

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Sounds like you need a CMS2CMS migration (export/import) tool? There are a lot of Drupal to WordPress migration tools if you do a quick search. One thing I tell people is use the Tarzan approach and don't let one vine go until you have the other one in your hand (don't kill your Drupal website until you have your WordPress one up and running with all of the data). Hope that helps?

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