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I can't to reach my WordPress admin and site - server IP address could not be found.

After my domain renewal I can't to reach my WordPress admin and  site(issue will started last one week)Godaddy was not solved this issue. When i try to access my wp account it says  wp-admin’s server IP address could not be found.

My Site link:

Same issue showing in WP Admin link through Godaddy Acount


Any solution for this.



Hmm when you say domain renewal, what do you mean?  Did the domain expire AND THEN you paid the fee to extend it?

Normal renewal not expired 

Hmm sounds like you may want to contact GoDaddy again and let them know you're having issues; It's probably something to do with redirects and DNS records.


Should be a simple fix for them!


Usually they have you wait for a bit before assessing it as an issue since it takes time for the backend stuff to refresh and point to the new stuff


Also, you may want to check that you actually have a website; I went to the link you gave me above ( ) and it's essentially saying that you currently do not have a website!! >.>