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I messed up - Wordpress to Shopify back to Wordpress - need help directing...?

Hello! I am very new to web design and have made what appears to be a grave mistake.


I had a Wordpress store that I set up a few weeks ago. Today I wanted to try Shopify and was able to easily (too easily it seems) apply Shopify over Wordpress - except I was super unhappy with Shopify and would like to go back to Wordpress (I did not cancel WP).


However, when I attempt to open Wordpress through GoDaddy or the app on my phone, it directs me back to Shopify, where I have already closed the store I worked on today. 


I have read and read more and I believe I need to update the DNS... I did delete all of the Shopify stuff there that it would let me (mistake?) but I am still not able to get into Wordpress through Godaddy or the app.


If anyone would be kind enough to assist, I sure would appreciate it. 




Getting Started

Update nameservers and let Godaddy know bout that. They will help to propagate the domain.

Thanks, I was able to find the correct DNS settings for WP online and somehow fixed it! I am quite happy with myself 🙂


Thanks so much for the reply!