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Images hosted by a CDN are not loading correctly...server issue?

I own an online magazine hosted with Wordpress and GoDaddy. My site, isn't loading correctly. My images are hosted by a CDN and the site takes over 30 seconds to load with Chrome because it is waiting for the CDN. When it finally loads half of the images are not displaying. I contacted support for my CDN and they think it is a hosting/ server issue. I trimmed down my plugins, optimized the images and did all that I could to try to fix this. I don't have time to wait on hold with GoDaddy support regarding this. It has been like this for a few weeks now and I need a solution ASAP.

Please help!


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Hi @cltalbert,

I think your CND could possibly just be passing the buck here. Try the images without a CND? Just as a scientific control.

Oh my Goodness! I unhooked the CDN and the site loaded in 2 seconds and the images all showed up! crazy! I am going to cancel the cdn


It is not working again.

When I first disconnected my CDN it was working just fine. Now it isn't again. Same issues.

now my website isn't loading at all! HELP!! The dashboard won't load either.