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Invalid WordPress admin username or password.

Trying to connect an admin WP account to my GoDaddy account. Keeping getting the error above "Invalid WordPress admin username or password." I am the admin on my WP account. And I just want to connect my GoDaddy managed WP to my current WP account. I know the password/username is correct as I'm the admin and can log in to WP with no problems. Can anyone help??

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Can you clarify what you mean by "trying to connect an admin WP account to my GoDaddy account"?


If WordPress is choking up "Invalid WordPress admin username or password." that's that case.  Did you try the password reset tool?




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I just signed up on GoDaddy for a managed WP account. When I go to connect my existing WP admin account, it throws that error. 


Are you saying I should reset the password in WP and then try again? 



=> Connect your existing WP admin account from where? Another server, another host? I guess I'm not clear what you are trying to "connect". 


=> If you are referring to your account that has a separate UN/PW than your new MWP install.  If you are getting that error from you are not using the correct credentials.


=> When you setup Managed WP you setup your UN/PW right?  That's what you would use to login to your MWP dashboard.


Sorry I'm still confused as to what you are try to accomplish.  Does that help? 😉

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When I go to "add a site" to my GoDaddy hosting, I chose "migrating an existing..". It then asks me for my Site URL, WordPress Admin username and WordPress password. When I enter those, it gives me that error. (I can't post a pic for some reason or I'd post the page...)



Ahhhh, okay!  Very helpful additional information!  You need to provide the UN and PW for the WordPress install that you are migrating over to the GoDaddy server.


If you are positive that you are using the correct credentials, it could be the GoDaddy migration tool is hiccuping and you'll have to contact support to determine what is up.


You could always try another migration plugin to see how that goes.

"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

Have you considered a "duplicator" tool on your current Wordpress installation? I find it to be far easier and less error prone. One can be found here:


Free, and only requires two files to download from the old site, and upload to the new one. FTP access is required, and you must be able to create a database on the new host, but the plugin takes care of everything else.

Mate its pretty clear, just because somebody doesnt know the proper terminology its pretty safe to assume that when they are trying to use the migration tool to "connect" their site, what they are trying to do is migrate their site to the WordPress hosting that he stated he had just purchased.


Anyway, it seems that its a pretty common problem with the migration tool to return credential errors, in fact the reason I am here right now is due to this.  As far as I have come to understand from reading many forum threads about this the most likely culprit is a caching plugin as the WordPress hosting offers this as its own service.  Try disabling that and then try again, im about to do the same.


If you have forgotten your WordPress userID and Password then you can change it or set it by modifying a few files on PhpMyAdmin settings, Search on the web for more info on this. Hope it helps you.