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Is Go Daddy phasing out classic WordPress?

I have a classic WP site that is 6 years old and never one single problem , other than having to but security essentials a few years in


Now I can't upgrade to latest version of WP  because my php is outdated.   I don't know how to update php, and I am afraid of losing everything.   I also don't know how to backup.  The site has never been backed up.  The only plug in is the Theme, that is it , one plug in.  The site is not an active blog but a "parked site" with photos and one linked Vimeo video.


I have security essentials from Go Daddy. It is not an http site


Is Go Daddy stopping php updates for classic sites this coming December?   Is my classic WP site going to be obsolete in December?


Should I move this to managed hosting?  Is that the same ease of use?  Or will the migration ruin my site and give me more headaches.   Or is managed hosting another nightmare? 


Please,  someone that knows?

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Super User III

Re: Is Go Daddy phasing out classic WordPress?

Hey @BennyK 


It sounds like you're on the older Web Hosting from GoDaddy. Those servers don't upgrade past PHP 5.6. All you really need to do is purchase a newer hosting option (I would suggest cPanel Linux) and transfer your site over to it and you're good to go. You can upgrade your PHP to the latest version (make sure it doesn't conflict with your site first) and you'll be good to go.

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Re: Is Go Daddy phasing out classic WordPress?

Could you tell me what c panel linex is?   Is that as simple as the old classic web hosting I have now?


What is the difference between c panel and managed hosting?


Either way I now pay $5.99 for security essentials.  Since both c panel and managed both have security I presume i will no longer need to buy a separate security product?


Thanks for your response





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Re: Is Go Daddy phasing out classic WordPress?

Hi @BennyK ,


There is an alternative to Wordpress that is available as a result of the fork in the wordpress development path.  Look at .   The development path there is geared towards what you are asking for.  GoDaddy fully supports WordPress and you can indeed make classic editor and some legacy plugins work. 


Hope this helps,


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