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Advocate III

Is anyone else here an affiliate of WPEngine?

I'm just curious if you guys know about WPE's affiliate program where you get $200 for every client you refer to their managed WordPress hosting platform? I joined a few weeks ago and already referred 3 clients over there for a quick $600.


You can sign up to become a WPE affiliate here in under 5 minutes >


Does anyone know if GoDaddy has a similar affiliate program?


Here's proof if you don't believe me 🙂


Author: Nathan 'Ello' Reimnitz
Certified Expert WordPress Developer
Advocate I

I would not be. Honestly I have had the worst experience with them via clients. I know someone will rush over here to defend them, but I will add that I deal with big problems. People don't call me when everything is going super well on their site. And when things go bad over at WPE, they go very bad, and their tech support is not only a) terrible, but b) unavailable for most of my working hours. So ... use at your own risk.


And yes GoDaddy has an affiliate program. I refer quite a few people here for domains (I prefer the DNS control here to other registrars) and for the WP hosting (it is a good value for the price, speed and reliability).