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Issues with Uploads to Managed WordPress using Linux

I am facing a peculiar problem with the Managed WP Hosting associated with my account on GoDaddy.  I have issues sending content to managed WP when I am using Linux desktop. I do not have these same issues when using Windows 10 on the same tasks.


I have similar issues found in this thread with respect to uploading media to Wordpress. Usually the request times out and the HTTP Error element appears when I navigate away from the page. I've attempted 2 solutions linked by that page with no success.


In addition to these problems, I can't seem to upload files via (S)FTP. The only success I've had is the .htaccess file which is less than 100 bytes and my machine can take 2 or 3 tries to upload it. Anything in the kilobytes is never successful.


The site is running GoDaddy Managed Wordpress 4.5.3 and no plugins. Again, to get anything accomplished on this site I have to use a Windows computer.


The funny thing is that I run another Wordpress (not managed) on inMotion and I have no problems using Linux to manage multiple sites. I've spoken to an engineer back in June when I first noticed this who wasn't able to replicate the problem. What do I need to try in order to determine the source of these problems? I tend to think it is GoDaddy...




Hi @ccliteracy

There is currently an issue with Managed Wordpress intermittent connectivity issues. We have a workaround, however for some it could seem complex. I suggest reaching out to our support team and they can help you out. Here is a list of our support numbers

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at