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Issues with Uploads to Managed WordPress using Linux

Hello everyone!


(Update: Just realized I posted this in the wrong area.  New to this community, so not sure how to change it to the right area.)  


I am having some challenges with WordPress uploads right now.  I use the regular WordPress media uploader, plus I also use a plugin called WP-Filebase.  


In both areas, I am able to upload JPG files, PDF files, and audio/video files without any troubles. 

However, I get errors when I upload .doc and .docx files ... and there are some important files in that format I need to upload for my audience. 


I either get an HTTP 200 server error, or a "Server Hangup" error.  


Hosting is GoDaddy Economy Web Hosting.  Wordpress is v4.6.1  I have not uploaded or enabled any new plugins in many months, and I've tried all the normal "disable all plugins and re-enable one at a time" troubleshooting.  


Does anyone have ideas on how to proceed next?  


Thank you!   
David (RebootGuy)


Advocate VI


Just to clarify since you use both terms... are you on Managed WordPress hosting, or Economy Linux hosting. They are two different environments.


Not sure why it won't let you upload Word docs. Are you able to log in using FTP and copy files over that way?