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Managed WP to CPanel Migration but no content

I just finished going through the process of manually migrating a managed WP site to a CPanel host. When I access the new WP admin I can see all my plugins from the old site and the theme I was using from the old site that I activated, but there is no media, pages, or posts from the old site and the theme is generic. What did I miss in the process?



Advocate VII

Hi @bchase,


How did you migrate your site?  There is a setting that will copy all content as well as structure/plugin.  If this box was not correctly checked then you only get the "wp install" with no content.  Its an easy mistake to make!  So, might try the migration again and make sure all the parameters are set correctly.


If this doesn't work try this plugin -  -


Hope this helps,


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Thanks for the quick reply and assistance!


I originally followed the multiple steps available in a number of "help" articles found in the forums that included downloading the contents of the WP site, exporting the SQL databases and using FTP to move things to the new site. I tried it twice.

All the files from the original site were clearly present in the new site file structure as I could see them when looking at the files from the backend, but for some reason, the databases were not being found when trying to see the posts, theme customization, or media files at the new site location.

I went ahead and used the WP All-in-1 plugin and paid for the extension that let me handle files bigger than 512mb. Being a one-time license and a very easy drag and drop process this seemed like the best way to overcome the intense frustration developing with the free-but-manual mode I was trying to follow. Money well spent at $69 and well worth the time savings it allowed! 

Thanks again for your input. I appreciate all suggestions!

Hi @bchase,


Outstanding call on the migration solution!


Way to go!


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites