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Managed wordpress sites down for the past 30 minutes 17Aug2017 510PM

Can't access any of my domains hosted on the Godaddy managed wordpress servers. Called tech support, there is a 25 minute call back. I'm also number 26 online to chat for help support. By the way, the "hosted support" shows OFFLINE.


What is going on Godaddy? Your site is up, but not ours


I am having major issues also.  Can't access my staging environment.  When I was just able to finally get there, it stopped working a few minutes into my session.  Something is FUBAR

Helper VI

Some GoDaddy databases are down... WP sites rely heavily on databases... This could be the reason why your wp sites are down

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

And this handy page shows you status of all services:


Click the down arrows under Websites to show Managed WordPress. Clicking on the checkbox (now green meaning resolved) tells you the detailed status of the issue.

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