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Migrating existing html/asp site to WP in background

I have an existing site in html/asp that i want to migrate to WP. (I have godaddy Windows hosting)

It's a small/simple site so i don't mind copy/pasting the content into WP pages. However, I would like to set up the WP site, pick themes, and work on content in the background while the existing site stays live. Due to my limited schedule, this is going to take a about a week or so.


 When the background work is done, I'd perform a quick switchover so that there's minimal interruption.


Is there a guide on how best to do this? I thought it might be as simple as switching from one default page to another, but it doesn't seem that way.

Helper VI

1st, wow, big jump from asp to php/wp.

Anyway, here's how I would do it.
1)Create your WP. The installation process will ask you where to install. If you're staying in the same server/host, make sure that you install WP in a separate directory.
(If you are going to use the same host and you are not using apache, you're going to have problems with your ports, you'll have to temporarily change apache port)
2)Not required but very useful: Create a sub domain and point it to your WP host/directory.
3) Migrate your content.
4) Once you're satisfied with your new WP, go to your domain settings and change your domain to point to your new WP host/directory.
~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @