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Move Local Site to GoDaddy

Hey guys I have a local website that I created using MAMP. I would like to move it to my GoDaddy hosting server using phpMyAdmin. Is there anything I need to be aware of when importing the database? Just trying to avoid any snags if I can. Anyone know if there are any articles out there that can assist with this?

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Hello @mattrittman,


If you are familiar with phpMyAdmin then I can't think of many snags? I would say that you should insure that your directory structure from your local is properly copied to the server. You might want to consider using a migration tool rather than doing a database import and file structure move?


I don't know what hosting you have chosen but perhaps Managed WordPress would be the easiest to migrate? Also check out Moving Small WordPress Sites to GoDaddy or Moving Large WordPress Sites to GoDaddy depending on your need. Hope that helps? Come back and let us know how it all went.

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