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New Avada WordPress theme needs PHP 5.6+

I only see 5.4 is an option on the Linux hosted solution.  Any ideas?


Is a very popular theme and definitely frustrating with the errors

Helper V

@pfgregg I am using Linux cPanel hosting and currently using PHP Version 5.6 The Default version is 5.4

If you are on a legacy hosting plan you may not have the option to upgrade to PHP 5.6 and will need to upgrade to a cPanel account to before you can enable PHP 5.6


to change your PHP version use the following depending on your hosting account Web & Classic Hosting or Linux Hosting (cPanel)


Advocate VII

Hi @pfgregg,


I use Avada extensively running on the new cPanel hosting with php 5.6 enabled. This version of Avada rocks for me. 


As far as server power and Avada I've moved up to the Business Enterprise hosting where I can get up to 4GB available on a single WP installation if needed.  With Avada I do not skimp on resource allocation because some of those demos get resource intense even without the site-specific functional plugins!


As far as boosting current performance, the Comet Cache plugin works well on this hosting.  Simple and easy.  Another caching - WP-Rocket is getting excellent reviews, and I might have to try it. 


Hope this helps!





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