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New WordPress via Plesk Install Slow/500 Errors

I just did a fresh install of the WordPress app via Plesk. However, on logging in, the WP backend is extremely slow to respond and navigate. Attempting to install any plugins or upload media results in 500 server errors or just fails to work. I've tried resetting my Plesk account several times and have reinstalled WP a few times via the easy-install app but am still experiencing the same issue. This is a completely virgin install. I just bought one year of hosting from GD so I would really like for this to work so I can get my site set up. Anyone have any idea as to what the issue might be?



Advocate VII

Hi @Krizzle,

First call tech and make sure there are no problems with your server.  A 500 error covers a lot of situations so you'll need just a bit more information. They'll check your log files.  If all is okay there...


Have you tried the 5-minute manual installation of WP?


You'll just basically create an my_sql db on your server, download/unzip/upload/, and run.  The link above has the details.  This is my last resort if an installatron doesn't work. 


As a last resort ask tech to move your hosting account to a different server.  Keep in mind if they do this, ssl certificates, and anything that requires an IP address will be impacted.  Hopefully, you won't get this far!


Hope this helps,



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