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Ninja Contact Forms (Wordpress Plugin)

Hi all,


after much searching and trying everything i can think of I have resorted to asking my fellow peers for some help.


I have set up an Wordpress site (my 1st time using wp) and all was going well until i came to the contact form.


I have used Ninja Forms - WP plugin, everything has installed OK.

When it comes to using the form, it displays the appropriate success message and on my wp dashboard, the form shows as a successful submit record, yet I receive no email??


I have checked the spam etc, tried to amend  the relevant DNS record, but to no avail. The same for when attempting to add one!


I have gone through the code and (as expected) everything is OK.


I am at a loss as to what to do next, any contact with Godaddy seems to end at a dead end also, everything I come across when looking online runs me round in circles also - Id be grateful for any help or advice


Thanks in advance



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Hi @hardingrj,


When people post their......

I dont know what you mean with your reply sorry?

Is that a "Pro" reply?


I have this same problem, but it doesn't seem that you've received a response since 02/2017

this just happened to me after GoDaddy updated WP -- Ninja forms and my data are gone. GoDaddy offered no help whatsoever...and why do I pay them? They tried to upsell me as they do every time there's a problem.