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Ninja Forms - updating PDF template

I'm interested in updating the Ninja Form PDF template so that I can create a printable application from the data submitted in an online form on our website.  I want to update the template so that it looks like our existing paper application.  I am unable to find the template file in GoDaddy.  Has anyone successfully found and updated this template file?  Thanks.

Community Manager

Hi @allaboutdogsllc. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 


In looking online, I found this blog post which seems to touch on what you're asking about. Hope you find it helpful. 


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I have seen this blog post but it doesn't tell me where within the GoDaddy / Wordpress Admin Dashboard the template files are located.  I looked all around in the places that were logical to me but I was unable to find the files that I need to update.