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Object-Cache / login every 20 seconds issue - ETA on fixing this?

Hey GoDaddy,

I'm a long time customer, have been very happy with all of my hosting packages and support thus far.


Two questions:

1- I have a large amount of websites hosted on your wordpress servers, so I have many angry clients right now... all of them are mad at me personally because of this login issue as they think it's my fault... When can we expect dev's to be done fixing the latest issues causing us to login ever 10-20 seconds?  Most importantly though, HOW will we be notified when the issue is fixed?


2- What do we (webmasters hosting client websites on your servers) need to do to be notified when these issues will be coming?  I realize that sometimes there will be errors, that is totally OK, but is it so much to ask to get a little heads up so we can warn our clients?  None of us will be upset if you tell us "hey people who own wordpress servers, there's a major update that may lead to some downtime on the backend of your sites on this day until it's fixed" and then it happens.. this way we can tell our clients the same thing, and everyone is not going to be as upset.  Instead, you're forcing us to take 100% of the heat from YOUR mistakes, causing people like myself and I'm sure more people are now in danger of losing valuable clients.  


To be honest, I might lose $10,000 because you didn't tell me that this update was coming.  We could have prepared for this downtime, but your update was done behind our backs with no notice.


Hope to get a fair response soon, thank you!



@dave9 I second your request for heads up to GD Pros, and also assume you have applied the workaround noted here: or is this not working/different issue.


Yes, once I found the workaround I went and applied it (20 times), but that is besides the point.  The biggest issue is that because none of us had any idea they were updating servers, and because I wasn't able to warn my clients about possible down time, the down time was "my" fault... clients are paying me to build and keep their websites live.  If I was able to warn them, say "hey guys there's a chance of downtime during this 48 hour period be advised", we all look like the good guys.  Instead, I am stuck apologizing for GoDaddy's mistakes, whether or not they believe me I will find out soon.  


Again, not at all upset that something went wrong, I understand things happen, upset that there is no line of communication from GoDaddy to it's influencers, so the only way for us to find out what is wrong is to wait on hold for hours on the phone.


MY SUGGESTION:  If a GoDaddy customer HOSTS five or more websites on your servers, they are considered "Group A" and put on an e-mail list.  This e-mail list gets notified of potential downtime, gets sent solutions to "known issues", and at the very least gets a message when something is fixed.  Only good comes from this, not only will we not clog up your phone lines just trying to get answers, but we can convince our clients that GoDaddy is as reliable as we tell them it is by keeping them in the loop as well as ourselves. 


Just asking for an e-mail...