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Onesignal Web Push Notification


I have a wordpress website, which I've installed Onesignal web push notification app, all is setup corectly and the app icon shows , however when clicking it to subscribe to push notifications nothing happens and no users are registered on the onesignal dashboard.


Onesignal have stated the following 


Some of the files our WordPress plugin automatically includes in your page is not publicly accessible due to what appears to be your server's settings limiting access to these files:
Can you please check for things that might be blocking these three specific files? The browser looks at these files when subscribing, so they need to be publicly accessible.
  • If you are using iThemes Security plugin, disable the "PHP in Plugins" under "System Tweaks"
  • Contact your hosting provider and ask them to whitelist these files."

I have no blocking plugins , so my question is how do I check if these files are been blocked and how do i whitelist them.

I have Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel on godaddy.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Onesignal Web Push Notification

Hi @fuzzielogix. You should be able to check for limitations on the files' accessibility by trying to access them directly in your browser. If the browser gives you an error, they may be blocked in some way. Here are some other things to check:

  • Directory permissions - you can change directory permissions within your file manager or via some FTP clients.
  • Try loading the website in another browser. 
  • Try loading the website using an incognito or private browser window. 

Another thing that may help is providing the actual website URL here. Someone may be able to look at the issue in real time and make a suggestion. Also, I'd recommend providing information on what theme you're using as well as a list of the plugins (active or deactivated). 


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Re: Onesignal Web Push Notification

Hi JesseW,

This has been resolved.


I have latest WP installed running DIVI with child theme, plus a number of plugins, the usual troubleshooting steps were followed. It turns out that a .htaccess file placed in wp-content folder by the plugin defender pro was blocking the plugin from functioning. 

It's now working as expected.