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Options for displaying child or subpages in WordPress

I understand how to create child/subpages and the relationships between them. What are the options for displaying child/subpages on the parent page or other. I know I can also create a button or link and relate/point to the child/subpages. What are the options and is this best accomplished by code/widget/addon.I have seen several options, but whats best for efficiency, etc. Thanks!

Community Manager

Hi @HMSMS. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It sounds like you want to embed one page into another. I'm not sure what others would say, but I would try to find a plugin to give you that functionality. As for linking to pages with buttons, that should also be possible, but would largely depend on the theme/plugins you're using. If you can provide the website you're working with or maybe the name of the theme you're using, others may be able to give more specific suggestions. 


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GoDaddy Velux Theme, I have Services as my parent page and a series of subpages/child pages to Services to provide more products/services that are closely grouped. i.e. on Services Product/Service A would have a subpage/child to parent page Services, Product/Service B would have a subpage to parent page Services, and Services/Products C would have a subpage to parent page Services. Each subpage/child would be under the Parent Page Services. Say three main Products/Services on the Services Page with link, menu, etc. or multiple ways to go to the subpage where maybe three, five or 12 items Products/Services are presented that all fall under the main Product/Services.. I'm using Subpages as to not overwhelm with content on the Parent Page Services and provide greater details in the Subpage. Hopefully that makes sense. I have been looking at plug-ins and would appreciate suggestions. Also thought about a table of pictures with click through option and of course sidebar. Thanks!

To give an example I'm a farmer and have as my products, the following categories Fruits, Vegetable, Canned Goods.  I would have my Services page with the main three categories Fruits, Vegetable and Canned Goods on it. Each Category would have several sub items such as for Fruits, (Applies, Oranges, Bananas, etc.), Vegetable (Onions, Carrots, Peas, etc.) and Canned Goods (Jams, Pickles, etc.)  I want the Parent page to be as clean as possible with either a menu, click through button/image or combination. Once this is figured out the same would apply to subpages of subpages or others products or services trying to have a hierarchy on the website based on the hierarchy of the services/products that is easy to implement throughout the site and provides a clean and efficient website. It could be as small or as large as desired. This is an issue for several sites that I have to prepare. Thanks