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Performance ?s with Godaddy's Managed Wordpress

Hey all,  a few quick questions / observations about Godaddy's Wordpress offering.  I'm at the point where my site is done and I fell that its optimized as much as possible.

  1. The initial response time of my website (not loading the content) is rather slow compared with other managed service providers.  I was wondering if Godaddy has plans to improve their delivery service.  I understand this can be challenging in a shared environment, but that also means its probably a systemic problem across all hosted users.  My initial response time is .85 to 1 second, where .2 is the threshold google views as acceptable.  Again, this is just initial response time!
  2. Godaddy's built-in caching is nice, but other plugins offer more features for optimization like minifying css and java.  Most of these performance plugins are blacklisted.   While I understand the risks with these plugins, Godaddy blocks them but doesn't offer alternatives.  Or maybe you do? 

There are a lot of great features that Godaddy offers with maintenance of sites etc.  My biggest concern is just overarching performance.  Love to hear from Godaddy Product team on this topic and other people's experiences.

Getting Started

A customer for around 3 years now, GoDaddy has been giving me way too many random issues. The last one broke the straw, and I am seeking a new host right now.

The customer support, oh my god, is bad. Not the people, but the process. With only phone support, how do they expect to know what we are experiencing without us sending some text or images over?

99% of the time, everything is alright over at their side. But we are the customers, they need to see it from our side of things!

And really, tons of other Managed WordPress hosts work better, with the latest version of PHP already implemented. They are most costly, but they are available via various channels 24/7, such as Kinsta and WP Engine.

Sayonara, GoDaddy!

I may try another provider too, but I'd like to hear Godaddy chime in here with their plans.