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Plugin upload and File extract issue



I have a wordpress site on "Ultimate Web Hosting Windows" and i am trying to upload plugin in zip format whose size is around 4.5mb. But when i browse the plugin and hit the upload button, the plugin upload page keeps loading for around 4-50 secs and then gives "500 (Internal Server) Error "


I also tried uploading zip file through FTP and then extracted through file manager, but the plugin is giving "Access Denied" error when i browse the extracted plugin folder through FTP and due to this issue the wordpress plugin page is unable to detect this extracted plugin.

Helper IV

Hi @mckenzie


If the plugin you are using is a premium plugin from CodeCanyon or somewhere else, you might need to unzip the file you downloaded because the actual plugin file is often zipped inside.


You could also try unzipping the plugin on your computer and uploading the folder and files unzipped.


Good luck!




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