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Problems with Wordpress email not working



   Wordpress novice first of all. Tried to utilize WPFROMS plug in to create a contact form.


If I go to website and put information in this contact form, it does not end up in my email account that I designated.


Now I am not sure, but my website was old with HTML. I wanted to learn wordpress so I installed in a subdomain, and therefore I created the WPFROMS contact form in a further subdomain.


My older orignal website still exists with its FORMMAIL contact form from 


So I do not think both contact forms are conflicting with each other. Not sure that makes sense even.  I tried to research on google this topic of wordpress contact forms not working on GODADDY and having a hard time understanding it. I checked the MX stuff but the GODADDY messages internally says the MX is ok.  So how does one logically go about troubleshooting this from step 1? It will probably be a good education along the way I guess. 


Thank you for any guidance step by step you can provide, and from the web it looks like others are in this quandry too within GoDaddy for some reason.




What type of hosting are you on? If it's cPanel, double check the setting in your hosting under mail for MX entry. The routing should be changed to remote if you're not using cPanel for your mail.


If that's not it let me know and I can give you other ideas.

Advocate VII

HI @Spideyboo,


Just a quick note on running wordpress in subdirectories and subdomains -- it requires several more important setup steps than if you are running in the primary directory.  This is true with both the email functions, ssl setup, and even some of the plugins.  If you are just starting with WP I highly recommend starting simple and using a cPanel installation into the primary directory or a managed wp platform.  For example, in managed wp the ssl setup is a flip of the switch, all of the dns entries are updated if you are hosting at GoDaddy, and the default GoDaddy managed wp setup is quite easy to work with in the event you need to upgrade memory/php resources.


Hope this helps,



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